KastREL Auto Product Range of Ductile Iron Castings are Steering Gear Box Housing, Suspension elements and Brackets, Brake Calliper and Carrier, Wheel Hubs for LCVs, MCVs and HCVs, Refrigeration Crank Shafts and Crank Cases, Shifter Fork, Torque Plates, Slip Yokes, Flange Yokes, Companion Flanges, End Yokes, Differential cases, Planet Carriers, Bearing Caps, clutch cover, plates, etc by sand casting,high pressure moulding, centrifugal casting and Shell moulding facilities Produce to any international specifications catering to major automobile, Trucks, Tractors, Compressor, for automobile engineering industries with unit weight ranging from 200 gms to 25 kgs facilities and supported by well equipped sand and metal laboratories. etc., these and many more automotive castings supplied in Raw cast condition, proof and or fully machined condition on case to case basis.

KastREL is also catering the products made from forging such as connecting Rod, Crankshafts-Automobile, Crankshafts-Refrigeration, Cylinder Blocks, Cylinder Heads, Camshafts are finished by machining route.