KastREL takes total responsibility for manufacturing, transporting, and warranting of procurements, thus allowing our customers to focus on running and growing their core business, while enjoying risk-free cost savings afforded by low-cost regions of the world. As a customer centric organization, we make sure that we execute all jobs and projects as per the specific expectations, with attention to details of each requirement. We endeavor to offer solutions as per the highest standards of the industry. This ability of ours has helped us in being one of the most trusted strategic partners for many of the global companies.


World-wide Delivery


PRAFUL RAWAL - Director - Technical, KastREL India. Academically top ranked Metallurgist & Foundry Technologist, started career with research & development. He worked globally with top notched European companies of major repute having #1 position in its field of capital equipment manufacturing for their products and services throughout the globe across various field. Started from a position of engineer and earned globally respectable capacities in large companies for technically and commercially competent product development.

Major technical proficiencies are hard earned mastery over engineering, in the field of Metallurgy, Design, Process, Product, Project, People, Power, Budgeting and Resource management for the manufacturing innovative solutions, its development, promotion and cost reduction. Ability is to convert challenges in to the most competent product and business solutions. Deep understanding of subject manufacturing, infrastructure, system, quality, product and other requirements sprayed over major metal working processes wiz., all casting, metal treatment, forging, rolling, fabrication, metal joining, machining and surface treatment processes to attain high level process efficiencies that keeps lowest total cost of owner ship helping customers succeeding in their core business process.

Our Mission

We deliver total business solutions for contract manufacturing and sourcing with consistence high quality, at total lowest cost and delivery before agreed expectation to uphold the trust and confidence entrusted upon us by our customers. The value we provide as the strategic partner is to be ultimately resulted in customer success.

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