Contract Manufacturing

KastREL Product Matrix, Services and Processes


Manfacturing Processes Castings Forgings CNC Machined Parts Rolling Sub assemblies Others
Sub Processes Sand Casting Open Die Forgings Turned and Milled Parts Light Rolling Cast and Machined parts Low sized precise fabrication
Shell Moulded Castings Closed Dies Forging Turned ring parts Heavy duty rolling Forged and machined parts Aluminum Extrusion
Centrifugal Castings Forged ring rolling Milling parts Pressure and other tested assemblies Sourcing Bought out STD Parts
Investment Lost Wax Casting Hobbing and teeth cutting Powder Metallurgical
Permanent Metal Mould Casting MIM
Materials Low, Medium and Plain Carbon Steels Steel Steel and Stainless Steel Barstock and Pipe products Low, Medium and Plain Carbon steels Engineered to customer requirements As per customer BOM
Stainless and Duplex Steels Low and Medium Carbon Steel Aluminum Bartsock and Pipe products
Nonferrous Cu, Ni, Cr, Based Alloys Small Stainless Steels Iron and other nonferrous cast and machined parts
Parts for Served business segments/Application Pumps & Valves, Marine, Mining, Hydraulics, Automobiles, Agricuture, Diesel Engineering