At KastREL, we appreciate challenging diverse application metal parts and jobs. Whether it is casting, forging, metalworking, fabrication, rolling, CNC machining, heavy duty machining and other metal working processes along other materials and bought outs. We can offer customers parts, spares, and sub-assemblies etc., made by any or all of above processes at world-class quality, price competence and lead-times. KastREL imposes our own quality initiative into the processes of all manufacturing processes that we use to source our components by and our own personnel actively participation in manufacturing, production and quality management within or outside KastREL facilities. We maintain strategic relationship with a number of world-class forgings, foundries, fabrication shops and CNC machining shops allowing us to supply such jobs of at variety of materials, sizes, complexity and finish.

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KastREL Auto Product Range of Ductile Iron Castings are Steering Gear Box Housing, Suspension elements and Brackets, Brake Calliper and Carrier, Wheel Hubs for LCVs, MCVs and HCVs, Refrigeration Crank Shafts and Crank Cases..Read More


KastREL range of hydraulic components includes piston pumps, vane pumps, stackable valves, mobile control valves, flow controllers and many more. We supply all these components using high grade raw materials like different grades..Read More

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